Learning to live Out of a Backpack


It was a challenge to choose what was essential to pack for the next for see able future. I welcomed the challenge for the experience alone, I wasn’t surprised of the reactions we received when explaining we would travel the southwestern hemisphere with only what we could carry on our backs.

Here is a list of the items I plan to take:
Osprey Backpack – Quality, & best warranty on the market.
Pacsafe Venture – a slash resistant, cross body day bag.
Camelbak UV water purifier – because it’s mandatory people.
Quick Dry towels – because wet equals more weight
Samsung Note 8.0 – Thisbis How I will keep the world “posted”.
Canon G16 & 330HS cameras – To help capture what my words can’t.
REI grey softshell ( It was Good deal on Craigslist )
North Face Havoc shoes – All weather, All terrain protection for each step of the way.
Casio PAG-240 Pathfinder watch – This Solar, smarter than me, watch almost got left behind I like it so much
3 Travel pants, 2 Long sleeve shirts, 3 fancy boxers, along with other quick drying, moisture wicking shorts and shirts. A U.S.A. jersey to wear during the World Cup. (Amazing Birthday surprise from of Val)
5.11 Operator Belt – This black belt is durable, comfortable and holds your gun up better than leather
(Unfortunately, can’t take my sidearm with me. I’ll accept it as more experience for what I mentioned earlier. )
Dry Pack waterproof bag – for official papers and stickers I collect. Lots of stickers 🙂
Silk Sleeping liner – incase the bed bugs bite somewhere…
Hidden waist Belt – In case some one tries to mug us, they won’t get it all
Lonely Planet Travel Guide Books – there are many great resources, but the “On A Shoestring” budget won us over.
Passport and photocopy of it – It would be very disappointing to not bring back an original, full of stamps
Sink Stopper – to save money and wash our own laundry in the sink
Toiletry Bag – with all the essentials so I smell irresistible 😉
A map, journal and pocket dictionary – I have to document a trip like this for the days I am back in an office.
A Leatherman multi tool – We will see if this gets across the borders
A Collapsible bowl and Spoon/Fork/Knife tool – lots of bus & curbside meals
Combination locks – small one for the bag and larger one for lockers
Roll of toilet paper – because your responsible for it in some places!
And last, Jrifter.com stickers – to post and pass all over the world.


3 thoughts on “Learning to live Out of a Backpack

  1. Praying safe travels for y’all! Enjoy the the experience. Can’t wait to read all about it. Love you, and God bless!

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