The Plazas and the Parakeets


Right outside our hostel lay Plaza Constitucion, and a market within in that.  Part crafts market, the artists sold items that both tourists and locals looked over.  I thought of my father when we reached the antiques section and how he would have wondered the stories behind each item.  There were banks, cafes and speciality stores everywhere I looked. No trace of the super store I have grown so accustomed too.  Many of the citizens carried a cup of Mate, along with a leather sheath holding more containers of hot water to refill.


Not far away, we came upon Plaza Zabala by accident. 
The trees branches grew more horizontal than any other I have seen.  More impressive than that where the Parkeets singing the song of a freebird. It stunned me to see birds I had only seen in cages,  flying free.  It was nice to see not all beautiful things are trapped, I instantly regreted ever having one as a pet when I was a child.

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