Spending all day in a terminal…


In haste, I bought a wrong ticket with a simple mistake of confusing of how time is read from one place to another. A lesser of a woman, would have complained to no end of the aftermath, but Val took what little responsiblabilty of it she could, and settled in.
I guess you never know how much patience you have until you have no choice but to wait. It’s then you realize there is nothing but time, there no responsibilities to attend to, and no world wide web to reach out with. You learn from your careless mistakes immediately, but the frustration lingers in and out, with your focus on the immediate situation. You start off by taking turns walking the shops, while the other watches over the cargo. You start to really breakdown the locals, but you can only people watch for so long. You start to think you’re hungy, but not sure if the boredom has taken over. The books are digital now, so your dying battery has no place to recharge itself. We did the only thing we could do with our time, plan, study and try to prevent this from happening elsewhere with the resources we had on had. 13 hours we sat in Tres Cruces terminal, until we finally boarded the Buquebus at 12:15 am. We still, had Argentina immigrations to make it through, a boat to transfer onto and 6 hours after that until check in. Yet sunrise over Rio De La Plata meant a new day, a new place and new mistakes.

If you have never seen, I truly suggest you watch the Tom Hank’s movie The Terminal: http://youtu.be/QhXz8vDGEjc

3 thoughts on “Spending all day in a terminal…

  1. Its defianitly a greater apprciation for things you take for granted on a day to day basis. I can only imagine such a thing, but I am sure if that were me waiting I would take what’s little around me and absorb what I could and then go crazy with the bordom….LOL. The things you all have seen is amazing keep posting. Have fun, be safe, and take care.

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